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Keith Klein, Author

Keith Klein fishing.

This is Keith…Keith Klein.  Here are a number of people, businesses, and properties I’m associated with.

I’m the author of WebForgingA Practical Guide to the Art of Forging Your Web Presence.

Read about the book process – how I got the idea, put it together and got it self-published – here.

Dedicating the book to my Dad was my reason for doing sales and swaps to get WebForging printed, and for devoting 500 hours to editing, photography and pre-press work.  It was a way for me to honor him, Lloyd Rueben Klein, in the dedication; and by extension my Grandparents. My paternal Grandmother’s maiden name was Lloyd.  My Grandfather’s name was Reuben (Henry) Klein.

I’m also the Founder, Owner & CEO of OnYourMark, LLC.

OnYourMark, LLC consists of a Fine Family of Companies tightly integrated to bring unprecedented levels of web expertise and service to small and medium sized businesses. Each division represents a core technology and marketing focus, integrated so each can bring added value to the other, and separated just enough to offer “best of breed” technology and service.

A few of the In-house sites and services powered by OnYourMark include:

AdverStructure.com  Let us partner with your traditional agency to do great things for clients  …update coming soon
Bloggey.com – Includes the Bloggey Blog, about Blogging, Bloggers and their Blogs
KeithKlein.me – My Personal Blog
KleinInternet.com – A showcase for client and in-house websites

Wisconsin Business Owners

I’m honored to be an Organizer of the Wisconsin Business Owners – www.WisOwners.com.   We do a monthly Lunch & Learn.   Wisconsin Business Owner Interviews are shown on the website and via podcasts.

Join over 2,800 of us (free to join) at Meetup.com – the largest “Meet IRL – In Real Life” site in the world:  http://www.meetup.com/wisconsin-business-owners/

Browse among and register for our monthly Lunch & Learns and Special Morning Sessions at http://www.meetup.com/wisconsin-business-owners/

We are Wisconsin Boosters!  Some sites include:

WisPress.com WordPress Sites for Wisconsin Businesses

WisMarkets.com Wisconsin Markets for People and Businesses

WisX.com Wisconsin Information Services eXchange  A site for collaboration with client, vendor, and friend Mark Mullarky.  We’ve done a lot of work together for dozens of clients, and Mark is a co-organizer of Wisconsin Business Owners.

Brilliant Breakthroughs are exactly what so many of us are looking for; Maggie Mongan provides them.  Mark Mullarky and I met one another via Maggie Mongan – a super collaborator and networker and also a Wisconsin Business Owners organizer.  Maggie’s compiled and published an International Best Seller series of books; five volumes of Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner. I’m very pleased to be a co-author of Volume 3 in the series.

MainStreetOil.com is a big side hustle!  View the AMSOIL videos and you’ll know why! Call me if you have any interest or curiosity about America’s “First in Synthetics” products or as a vendor or principal!


You can find Keith Klein online at hundreds of sites, including:



MySpace.com (remember that?)

NamePros.com – a domain name forum.  I’ve enjoyed over $200,000 in domain name sales over the years.  NameParkway.com is one place I sell great domain names.

I enjoy reading (average over 50 books a year), writing, speaking, blogging, networking, social networking, marketing, sales, camping, RVing, kayaking & canoeing, beer, ideas, collaboration…

I love to eat great food. I’m fortunate to be married to Cindy, and Cindy Cooks!  Our kids are all adults and doing well.  I help one son, Nathan, in his landscaping, lawn care and plowing business at PatriotLCL.com.

My biggest strength is that I am interested in nearly everything.  My biggest weakness is the same thing.


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