WebForging is a reality!

Picked up the book from
on Thursday evening and I’ve signed and delivered more than a dozen copies.

The first copy went to my Dad, Lloyd Reuben Klein. I visited his grave and opened the book to the dedication page and left it open there at his headstone.

The dedication reads:

This book is dedicated to my father

Lloyd Reuben Klein

He looked out for the underdog

He liked to laugh

He valued his friends

He had a vision for his work –

and the craftsmanship to execute that vision

He taught me those things,

and how to throw, catch, hit and run

And he taught me that success is that place in life where preparation

and opportunity meet, though too few recognize it because

often it comes disguised as hard work.

It’s a great journey Dad – I’m grateful and blessed to have been led on

the journey by you.

I said a prayer and left to head back to the office. If Dad were here he’d find a way to buy or cajole hundreds of copies to give to friends, to anyone, and he’d say, “You should read this, my son wrote it.” I miss you, Dad.

When I got back to the shop, I signed and gave the first signed copy to Ellen, my first officer, as I’m fond of referring to her in a Star Trek sort of way. Her work makes much of mine fruitful.

I gave my son Ryan a copy. Fitting – June 19th being his birthday. He came into my life on Fathers Day twenty years ago. He’s in the business with me, and WebForging came to be delivered on his birthday. I hope the karma continues.

On Friday I signed and gave copies to my other three children who are at home. Then I delivered signed copies to the rest of the staff who were present. We have a couple of telecommuters and part-timers who will get their copies soon. I said a few words in each. I hope they all know, kids and associates, how much they mean to me. I hope the blurbs are satisfying, and definitely hope they don’t make me sound any more conceited than I already am! Just trying to wish everyone well.

My first client copy went to Laurie at
Sales and Marketing Associates
during our meeting Friday afternoon. Kind of a thrill, being able to share this work with clients, too.

Today is Saturday and I’m reading the last of John Kremer’s
1001 Ways to Market Your Books.
Kremer is a good read – thorough at about 900 pages.

I’m looking forward to more signings.



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